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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hukum 'HUDUD' - Bahagian 3

Apa kata pemimpin PAS/PKR/DAP mengenai pelaksanaan
Hukum Hudud di Malaysia?

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Husam confirms – hukum hudud is not Pakatan Rakyat policy

December 22, 2008 20:31 PM

PAS Admits Difficulty Getting Consensus On Hudud From Opposition Partners

KOTA BAHARU, Dec 22 (Bernama) — PAS has admitted that the implementation of Hudud and Qisas laws would have to be postponed even if Pakatan Rakyat is able to take over the government in future.

This is because it will require the agreement of its two other Pakatan Rakyat partners, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and DAP, which has already objected to the plan.

The admission was made by PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa at a press conference, here, today as the three opposition components had signed an agreement in August, stating that any policy change should have a multilateral agreement among them.

Husam said PAS would not act unilaterally in coming up with the Hudud law if the party ruled the country but would instead work together with DAP and PKR on the matter.

“However, PAS will continue with its struggle to implement Hudud law, which is God’s law, by explaining to all quarters, including the Pakatan Rakyat component parties, until they are ready to accept the law.

“We will discuss the Hudud law and if they cannot accept its implementation when the time comes, we will postpone it,” he said.

In Islamic law, Hudud usually refers to the punishments that are fixed for certain offences including theft, robbery, illicit sex, alcohol consumption and apostasy. Punishment for these offences are corporal in nature, involving whipping, stoning to death and amputation of limbs.

Qisas (law of retaliation) refers to offences that involve bodily injury or loss of life. The punishment is death or imprisonment, but compensation in the form of money or property is accepted if the victim’s guardian forgives the offender.

Husam said many things had be done before the Hudud and Qisas laws could be brought to Parliament, including holding a referendum or discussions with the legal bodies.

He said at the same time, several national issues such as racial unity, the New Economic Policy (NEP), corruption and the economy, would also have to be addressed fast.

“The Hudud law is still hypothetical. There are other issues that have to take precedence,” he said.

He cited the NEP which focused on the advancement of the Malays in the field without taking into consideraton the poor among the Indians and Chinese who also needed assistance, hence PAS regarded the NEP as unIslamic.

He said PAS would continue to explain to the people Hudud and Qisas laws to discourage them from committing crime.

Asked how long would the people have to wait for the implementation of the laws, Husam said: “What’s wrong with waiting longer? Umno has not done it after more than 50 years in power.”

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