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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Teoh Beng Hock Saga Part 1
(First published in Oct 2009)

by Fatimah Zuhri

1.        Much has been said regarding the Teoh Beng Hock saga.

2.        Sadly some people would like to use this unfortunate and tragic event as a political mileage in their never ending political ambitions.

3.        I have heard a lot about what allegedly happened on that fateful morning however since the inquest is on-going I am bound to keep tight lip about it at least until the inquest is over.

4.        However if a person uses their mind in the right manner, one might be able to see what is really going on.

5.        Today, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand testified at the court after she was brought specially from Thailand on the expense of the Selangor state government.

6.        No one should/could deny her many experiences in handling forensic cases since she has worked on over thousands of cases before.

7.        However today she testified in the court 100% based on the Beng Hock Autopsy report. Yep that is correct. She did not do any CSI-like investigation on the body or the crime scene.

8.        She testified based on what she read from the Autopsy report.

9.        Many pro-PR supporters jump in ecstasy when Dr Pornthip suggest that there could be 80% chances of homicide and 20% of suicide. Many pro-BN supporters also whack the personality and physical feature of Dr Pornthip upon hearing/reading this.

10.        I believe both reactions are pre-mature. The notion that if TBH died because homicide = PR right BN wrong OR TBH died because of suicide = BN right PR wrong is down right silly.

11.        Again let me stress that Dr Pornthip suggested the 80-20 based from reading the autopsy report only. If some of the fanboys from both sides actually took time to read what had transpired in the court they would noticed that Dr Pornthip wished she had a chance to talk to the two pathologists who did Teoh autopsy on the results.

12.        Dr Prornthip is being a professional here. She never said that her opinion is absolute or her opinion is the truth but many of the PR fanboys think so. Many pro-PR news portal try very hard to spin it that way.

13.        When a patient goes to see a doctor and the doctor give his/her prognosis, it is the patients’ right to seek a second opinion from another doctor. The second doctors’ prognosis may or may not be in agreement with the first doctor. If there are disagreements over prognosis, the two doctor will discuss it. This is a normal procedure.

14.        So what is the fuss about this 80-20 thingy? Dr Pornthip requested to have the chance to talk with the two pathologists who did Teoh autopsy on the results.

15.        Dr Pornthip also said she didn’t get copies of all documents from the Selangor government which engaged her services.

16.        Earlier in the day Dr Pornthip suggested round marks on Teoh’s neck could mean ‘manual strangulation’ with fingers. When she was given Teoh’s photos in order for her to spot any signs strangulations she had described earlier, she could not find any.

17.        In the end she requested to do 2nd autopsy even if have to exhume Teoh’s body from the ground.

18.        So my suggestion is to let her do it.

19.        The question which we should all ask is :

* a.        If TBH died from suicide, what is his motive? People do not just jump out of building one morning just for the sake of jumping. Something must have bothered/scared him?

* b.        If TBH died from homicide. what is the motive? Ask any policeman around the world, all murder have motive. Who benefits the most from TBH killing?

20.        We all know from the Autopsy’s report as well as Dr Pornthip’s opinion, the death occurred around 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.

21.        Now we all know the MACC investigation ended by 3 a.m. There are eye witnesses who saw TBH was laughing and eating with MACC members.

22.        We also know that between 3 a.m. to 6 a.m someone with the surname Tan, met and scolded TBH in the toilet in an angry manner.

23.        A few hours after that TBH was found dead.

24.        Do not be a sheep here. God has given us brain so we should use it.

25.        For those who accused MACC has a hand in the death, what is the benefit to them if TBH is dead? We all know TBH have given MACC lots of details about a certain somone/some groups doing certain activities. Why would MACC want their main witness dead?

26.        For those who accused a certain other party of having a hand in the death of TBH, what is the benefit to him/them if TBH is dead? We all know during that time, this certain party was accused of having some link/connection with ‘underworld lords/mafia/gangster‘. This party was also accused of involved in corruption practices.

27.        TBH was the political aide for a certain State Exco by the surname of Ean who coincidentally came from that certain party! TBH was called to MACC building to help MACC to investigate whether the scandals involving that certain party is correct or not.

28.        Now ask yourself again….who gains the most from TBH death whether it is by suicide or homicide?

29.        So who did it? What happened? Ask the questions…connect the dots and you will find the truth.

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