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Monday, May 31, 2010

Anwar's Reported Sodomy Case Trial - May 31, 2010

#SODOMY2 - Judge says court adjourned until 3.30pm tomorrow.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal wants court to adjourn trial proceedings till after visit to the condominium at 3.30pm. Prosecution has no objections.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal informs court that access to the condominium scheduled for Tuesday, June 1 at 2.30pm.

#SODOMY2 - Trial resumes.

#SODOMY2 - Lawyers meet Judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah in chambers.

#SODOMY2 - Trial adjourned until 2.15pm today.

#SODOMY2 - Anwar lawyer Sankara Nair says waiting for confirmation from police to visit condominium.

#SODOMY2 - Judge stands down trial for a while.

#SODOMY2 - Yusof wants to call in doctors who examined Saiful. Karpal asks for notice as defence wants to bring in their own experts.

#SODOMY2 - Saiful walks away from witness stand with a smile.

#SODOMY2 - Yusof: "No further questions."

#SODOMY2 - Saiful: "What I meant then was that the sodomy was the first time it happened to me."

#SODOMY2 - Yusof asks about Malaysiakini report.

#SODOMY2 - Saiful: "The writing is not clear, but I didn't say that I was penetrated with plastic object."

#SODOMY2 - Saiful says during cross-examination in court was the first time he heard about report he was penetrated with plastic object.

#SODOMY2 - Yusof: "Did you tell anyone you were penetrated with plastic object?" Saiful: "No."

#SODOMY2 - Saiful claims he didn't tell the doctor who had sodomised him.

#SODOMY2 - Saiful: "When he was checking me, I came clean and told him I was sodomised."

#SODOMY2 - Saiful says he didn't notice.

#SODOMY2 - Prosecution's Yusof Zainal Abiden asks when checking Saiful, did Dr Osman of Pusrawi take down notes.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal says other questions depend on site visit.

#SODOMY2 - Saiful admits he didn't do so.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal says after alleged sodomy on June 26, a lot of chances to make report, escape "But you didn't do so?"

#SODOMY2 - Saiful: "No it was not. Saya menyahut cabaran beberapa ulama."

#SODOMY2 - Karpal: "Is this your plan? Premeditated to make Anwar lose the by-election?"

#SODOMY2 - Saiful: "Coincidence."

#SODOMY2 - Karpal says Saiful made an oath at a mosque a week before Permatang Pauh by-election. "Why such a close date?"

#SODOMY2 - Karpal says DPM obliged to make police report. If not, it is an offence under Section 202 of the Penal Code.

#SODOMY2 - Saiful: "No. Mereka bimbang masa depan saya."

#SODOMY2 - Karpal: "No one told you to lodge a report?"

#SODOMY2 - Saiful: "I didn't lodge a police report before June 28."

#SODOMY2 - Karpal: "Beside telling all this people, have you actually made a police report about what you told all these people?"

#SODOMY2 - Karpal: "Same complaints to Rodhwan, Ezam, Datuk Mumtaz?" Saiful: "Yes. And Rahimi, as well as religious teacher."

#SODOMY2 - Karpal: "Did he give advice?" Saiful: "After telling in detail, he said can't do anything as its a personal problem with Anwar."

#SODOMY2 - Karpal: "June 24, you met with then DPM, you made a complaint that you were sodomised without consent?" Saiful: "Yes."

#SODOMY2 - Karpal says he has "surat akuan" from Faiz.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal asks who is Faiz Khairy. Saiful says the man eloped with his sister to get married.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal asks Saiful whether he drank alcohol or had sex? Saiful says no but Karpal says that is not true.

#SODOMY2 - Saiful takes witness stand, says parents divorced when he was in Std 1, no contact with father all this while.

#SODOMY2 - Prosecution says defence shouldn't have problem as unit owner is Mr Hasanudin, a friend of Anwar's.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal says trial judge can help with access to condominium.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal wants to go to alleged crime scene again.

#SODOMY2 - "We are kept in the dark," Karpal says, adding he tried to contact owner of condominium where alleged incident happened.

#SODOMY2 - Karpal applies for witness list.

#SODOMY2 - Trial resumes.

#SODOMY2 - Lead defence lawyer Karpal Singh arrives in court.

#SODOMY2 - Anwar arrives in court with wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

#SODOMY2 - Small band of supporters wait to enter courtroom.

#SODOMY2 - Reporters queue up again for resumption of Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial.

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