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Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Untangling Alliance (Part 1)

By Fatimah Zuhri

1. In recent days, Pakatan PR ship is sinking. It is sinking in the same manner that all big ships in the past have sunk.

2. It started out with a few leakages here and there but were largely ignored by the crew and the captain. Instead the crew and the captains will usually blame others with 1001 excuses. In the end, when they started to realize their mistakes, it is all too late.

3. Yesterday, there were 2 meetings held at Anwar's home.

4. The first meeting is to discuss PKR internal affair. The second meeting is a closed door meeting between Anwar and his inner circles.

5. What was interesting was although the two meeting was supposed to be "about PKR", in reality it was "about Pakatan".

6. Anwar invited his pro-Erdogans to the both meeting but did not invited a single DAP representative to either meetings.

7. If you are a DAP supporter or if you are a “political virgins who actually believe in the trinity of Pakatan PR”, please stop reading this article because I do not want you to get hurt, sad and demoralized further after what has happened in recent days.

8. What caught my attention with what had happened yesterday was that Anwar did not invite PAS number 2 (Nasharuddin Mat Isa) or PAS number 3 (Mustafa Ali) or PAS number 4 (Tuan Ibrahim).

9. Instead Anwar invited the pro-Erdogans who orchestrated the now infamous “Bloodless Zorro Scar of Bagan Pinang”.

10. So what is the issue here? Why are these PAS leaders at Anwar’s house attending and listening to PKR internal meetings?

11. Well, news has come to Anwar’s ears that in recent weeks, there have been a growing number of “non-binding co-operation and agreement” being made and finalized between PAS committees in several states with so called “PAS arch nemesis”

12. If one have been following PAS development since the past 2-3 months or so (since Anwar’s trial started), PAS has been suspiciously silent. In the recent exodus from PKR, PAS has been silent on the issue compared to DAP.

13. I have written in my previous article predicting that this will occur and I might write about it again since it is an interesting topic, but for this article it is suffice to say, PAS has woken up to the fact that being in Pakatan PR has damage their standings amongst their core supporter/ their base.

14. PAS is trying to slowly move away from both PKR and DAP. They are trying to untangle their alliance to Pakatan without getting tangled. They are trying to get a hold back of their base by “hood-winking” the Chinese and Indians who are in/or support DAP and PKR

15. Anyway, the news were brought to Anwar’s ears by the pro-Erdogans people.

16. It is funny that when Nasharuddin and Hasan Ali met bloggers from both sides to tell what was infact an “open secret” of PAS, these people (pro-erdoganers) were riled up and flipping-mad.

17. But being a true politician (read: hypocrite) they are doing the same thing the accuse others of doing.

18. Is this not treachery which is being committed by these PAS leaders (the pro-erdogans) ? Why are they telling an outsider (Anwar) about PAS internal secrets and internal memo? Are PAS members not supposed to be “ wala’ ” to their leaders? Why did these PAS leaders (pro-erdogans) blatantly disrespect top leadership (Hadi, Nasha, Mustapha, etc) who were democratically elected by PAS grassroots in the party election last year? I hope PAS disciplinary committee would look at this treachery and punish those responsible for it.

19. Anwar has never truly trusted PAS and so did the PAS leadership vice versa. PAS people such as Hadi Awang, Mustafa Ali, Hasan Ali, Mat Sabu and etc have long relationship with Anwar Ibrahim. They both know each other inside and out.

20. However, Anwar’s primary concern for now is not PAS but DAP. As of yesterday, PKR has 27 seats compared to DAP’s 28 in Dewan Rakyat. With more PKR MPs going to join the exodus in becoming an Independent MP, Anwar’s position will be weaken significantly come GE 13.

21. So Anwar had a close door-meeting with his inner circle where they scheme and strategize in order to disable and curb any “upheaval of power” in Pakatan. When news of Mohsin leaving came to light, Anwar gave Kit Siang a “bait”. Kit Siang thought he escape the “bait” by Anwar by coming out with statement supporting Anwar as the opposition leader but in reality Anwar wanted Kit Siang to say “Anwar is stil Pakatan’s primary choice for PM”. He did not trust what was in Kit Siang’s head especially when there was a report in MKini which stated that “both PAS and DAP”. Infact PAS never came out with official statement on Anwar’s future either as opposition leader or candidacy for PM. Hadi was not in Malaysia for goodness sake!

22. Even when he is facing the Sodomy trial which may end him in prison, he only thinks of himself. Is this the kind of leader we want? Pathetic.

23. There were a number of ideas being thrown during the meeting from doing an “expose” of DAP state and national leaders to giving out confidential data and information on DAP and its people to bloggers and numerous people over the internet.

24. Politics is the art of making impossible things possible. In politics, you use just about anyone to achieve your objective or goal. Anwar’s goal here is to remain as potential “future PM” from Pakatan and will make sure nobody change that status quo.

25. The idea is to crop up all “the dirt” of DAP in the past year and expose them so to alienate any potential Chinese or Indians from supporting DAP to supporting so called “multi-racial PKR”. PKR will then use this as an issue to contest in seats and area which are “favourable” to DAP and end up with PKR contesting in more “safe seats”.

26. For PAS, Anwar has asked his lieutenants in the pro-Erdogans group to continue to sabotage and humiliate PAS President and PAS leadership in order to make them look like a sitting duck.

27. When the PKR internal meeting went on, Anwar had started the attacks on DAP by allowing everyone in attendance to voice out their frustration on DAP.

28. That is the reason why not a single DAP leader or MP or ADUN were invited. This “Golden Opportunity” was used to the full by many PKR Penang leaders. A lot of the “attacks” were targeted on “the incompetence and childish” behaviour of Lim Guan Eng. Yusmadi who is PKR Penang Youth leader was one of the most vocal leaders who verbally attacked DAP.

29. They were complaining how DAP in Penang only favours DAP cronies. How in Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim is being controlled left and right by DAP so called “intellectuals but in reality still children” and many more. They were complaining not enough contracts and tenders are being handed out.

30. Infact most of the issue had to do with contracts and tenders. PKR accuses of DAP in Penang and Selangor of giving out contracts to cronies and not enough for them etc.

31. I am sure the Pakatan supporters who read this will not believe it. Well it is up to you. If you think everyone or even ¼ of the people in Pakatan PR are not interested in contracts and tenders you are just fooling yourself. Perhaps better don’t be involved in politics otherwise you will get heartbroken.

32. Basically the event was a mix of DAP bashing session and “more contracts for us”. The pro-Erdogans folks from PAS also from time to time tried to “build up the anger” by giving example of what DAP did when Nizar was in charge.

33. At one time a non-reformasi era PKR leader tried to intervene (on behalf of DAP?!) but was silenced by Anwar in front of the many people there.

34. That is Anwar’s strategy. He is trying to build up anger with DAP amongst his PKR reps. He hopes to use this “anger” to make DAP know “who is the real boss”.

35. It would be interesting to see in the coming weeks and months what will happen to the relationship between PKR and DAP as well as PKR and PAS.

36. The behaviour of these 3 parties...trying to untangle themselves from each other reminds me of the scene in the movie Titanic where the boy and the girl were running away from the girl’s fiancée while the Titanic was leaking and eventually sunk to the Atlantic Ocean.

37. No wonder Raja Petra (RPK) have stopped referring to these 3 parties as Pakatan Rakyat or PR. Instead he just states them for who they are...the opposition.

ps : Anwar also asked his PKR people to sign some sort of declaration. Such a childish tactic.

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